The Programme

SOAR education involves body, heart, mind and spirit. Essentially focused on developing awareness of self, others, nature and the world, our program offers a set of trainings interwoven with daily core practices and is rooted in constant opportunities for life experience.
Rather than a school SOAR  is a laboratory, encouraging exploration and experimentation, holding daily opportunities for the practice of creation and co­-creation, group facilitation, decision making etc...
At SOAR the inner and the outer journey are closely knit together. Every workshop, event, activity provide opportunities to develop awareness of who we are and how we interact. Time is devoted to processing those insights, on a personal level and as a group... learn more

​​​​The SOAR experience


"What I will take with me from SOAR
is a general calmness
and trust in myself
and whatever
the flow of this life
will bring."

Anna Nyskov Irgens-Møller, 25, Denmark

"SOAR is a place
where you can just be.
Simply be yourself.
Without judging,
or explaining.
Yourself for who you are."

Hannes Constantin Faedler, 20, Germany

"As much as SOAR has been connected
for me to travelling within,
it has always been
a learning curve
in my relations
to others."

Iris Angel, 20, Germany

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School Of All Relations is an educational program of Iris, our non profit organization which was founded in 2008 and since then runs Oikia Karapanou and other activities,  all dedicated to exploring and developing conscious living.

Thanks to the generosity of many, we have been able in our first two years to provide eight scholarships for young people, mainly Greeks, who strongly wished to attend SOAR but were unable to meet the financial costs. We strongly rely on your support to continue our efforts. ​
​Please consider donating.

How to donate

- Bank transfer donation
IBAN: GR9602601010000590101339459
BANK: Eurobank

To access the SOAR website in Greek go to

Perivola, Aegina island,  18010